March 2020
Product Introductions 2020


Geoflake® plastic free glittering effects
BREAKING NEWS; GEOTECH is introducing a complete new and innovative product line named Geoflake®. A brand new, unique product line which provides the most mesmerizing plastic free glittering effects for cosmetic formulations. The new product range Geoflake® is developed by GEOTECH as an environmental-friendly alternative for polyester glitter. With upcoming regulation on its way for microplastics the cosmetic industry is desperately looking for sustainable alternatives.

The basic structure of Geoflake® is a coarse platelet of coated synthetic mica. The new range contains synthetic mica flakes coated with titanium dioxide, iron oxide and D&C colourants.

The Geoflake® portfolio contains a stunning amount of 15 products. Silver, White, Red Gold, Royal Blue, Green, Lavender, Salmon and Rainbow are the eight colours which are available in two different particle sizes. The available sizes are XL, with an average of 350 micron and XXL, with an average of 750 micron.

The narrow particle size distribution achieved by an innovative production process are what makes Geoflake® products unique. It creates an optical effect which is similar to precision cut polyester glitter. The Geoflake® product line is GEOTECH´s answer to the strong market driven demand to replace traditional polyester glitter. The new range includes interesting alternatives for the mainly used polyester glitter shades silver, gold and iridescent.

Geoflake® glittering mica flakes are non toxic and comply to the main regulations for cosmetics. The colourant coated flakes may have a few restrictions in certain areas due to the colourants used.

The titanium dioxide and iron oxide coated Geoflake® products are UV, water- and solvent resistant. The coloured Geoflake® products are a bit more delicate, depending on the application some special attention may be required. GEOTECH’s cosmetic laboratory in The Netherlands can provide technical support for your formulations.

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Galaxy® Holographic Pigments
Galaxy® provides exclusive polychromatic glittering effects for cosmetic formulations unlike any other product in the world. The extremely reflective and holographic particles will catch your attention right away!

The ultra-thin holographic pigment is based on acrylic polymer and aluminium. INCI name: CI 77000 and Acrylates Copolymer. The particle size distribution is 20 - 150 micron with an average of 75 micron. The thickness of only 3 micron contributes to a very good skin-feel.

Galaxy® Hologram Silver M is stable in water- and solvent based formulations as long as the pH value remains ‹7. Because of its dramatic polychromatic reflection Galaxy® is mainly used in colour cosmetic products. It is a versatile pigment and can be used in a wide range of finished products such as nail polish, eye products and lip products. Besides application in formulations, the holographic flakes are also perfectly suitable to rub into gel polishes.

Galaxy® Hologram Silver M is a non-toxic pigment offered in powder form. Because Galaxy® is based on water-soluble polymers it can be used as a potential alternative for polyester based holographic glitter.

Galaxy® complies to the main regulations for cosmetics. Please note that due to the aluminium used, this product can not be used for lip products in the United States.

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Geodiamond®  Coloured L range
The Geodiamond® Coloured L range is a borosilicate based range which is available in a total of 5 different colours. These gorgeous special effect pigments provide bright coloured glittering effects in many cosmetic formulations.

The particle size distribution of this Geodiamond® coloured range is 50 - 300 micron and is available in the beautiful vivid colours Emerald, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Citrine and Aragonite.

The coloured Geodiamond® range is based on ultra-thin calcium sodium borosilicate flakes, coated with titanium dioxide and colourants. One of the main advantages of these thin glass flakes is the excellent skin-feel without any gritty sensation. This range creates intensive reflections with dazzling glittering effects in many different applications.

With very low concentrations the coloured Geodiamond® range creates a sophisticated and luxurious formulation with a high sparkling effect. The Geodiamond® L range can therefore also be used as an alternative for polyester based glitter. 

The complete range is non-toxic and complies to the main regulations for cosmetics. Due to the used colourants they have some restrictions in certain areas.

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April 2020
Lawrence Industries distributor of the year 2019
Delftware plate with an inscription      

GEOTECH is pleased to announce that the winner of the Distributor Award 2019 is Lawrence Industries, the UK and Ireland distributor. This annual award is won by the best-performing   distributor of the last year. The winner receives a Delftware plate with an inscription.

Traditionally, the award is handed out at the annual distributor dinner during the in-cosmetics global exhibition in April. Due to COVID-19, the in-cosmetics exhibition is postponed until October 6-8th. For that reason, GEOTECH announced the winner this year during a conference call with all their distributors.

Lawrence Industries is a technically driven distributor of specialty chemicals, serving a diverse range of markets across the UK and Ireland. In partnership with many of the world’s largest and most innovative chemical manufacturers, Lawrence Industries have shared many years of outstanding growth - by consistently adding value to customers.

lawrence.headHeadquarter Lawerence Industries  


Their team of highly trained Technical Sales Managers have in-depth product and application knowledge, making Lawrence Industries a valuable partner and resource for our customers. Lawrence Industries continued success is ensured through adding value to the sales process - by combining technical expertise with intimate market knowledge.

Team of Lawerence Industries  

GEOTECH’s Managing Director, Harold van Haren, congratulated Lawrence Industries with the award. ’We are very proud of Lawrence Industries. Last year the company had double-digit growth in turnover, compared to 2018. A significant part of the growth of the business was realized in the segment of decorative paint with Geopearl pearlescent pigments. This growth was fully in line with GEOTECH’s target to extend sales of effect pigments in the paint industry. Another great accomplishment of the award winner is their successful sales of the complete GEOTECH product portfolio. During the years they established significant business of exclusive products like Geodiamond into personal care but also in volume business of Geopearl into plastics (masterbatch). I am proud to say that GEOTECH and Lawrence Industries have a successful long term cooperation of 18 years now. We want to cherish this and thank Lawrence Industries for the partnership.’

For more information about Lawrence Industries please visit their website:, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call: +44 1827 314151.

August 2018
The quality control of GEOTECH's special effect pigments

lab arthur

Special effect pigments are complex raw materials. For most products the industry faces a small batch to batch variation which is related to the nature of the products. Depending on the final application these variations need to be addressed with a certain level of attention. In automotive coatings for example very small variations might already be visual in the final product. 

In order to maintain high quality standards for special effect pigments it is crucial to have a strict, reliable and extensive quality control (Q.C.) process. All pigments need to be analyzed on batch level. Quality control of special effect pigments is one of the most important daily activities at GEOTECH. Every different product line has its own quality control process. The quality control of glitter for example is different than the quality control of a mica based pearlescent pigment. 

GEOTECH's quality control process is documented in over 10 different procedures and instructions. They are part of the quality management system which is based on the ISO 9001 and GMP standard. 

Mr. Arthur van Rooyen, Laboratory & Product Development Manager, is responsible for GEOTECH's quality control. Van Rooyen: “To evaluate the visual effect of a pigment we start with the preparation of a wet draw down. The batch is compared to the official product standard. For all products we supply, an official product standard is maintained here in our laboratory in The Netherlands. This method provides immediate insight in the colour, particle size distribution, transparency, gloss and luster of the pigment. 

draw down Tom lab glitter microscope qc

It is a detailed, critical and reliable way to control the quality of our products. If a batch fails in Q.C. most of the times this is based on the draw down. Sometimes the complexity of a special effect pigment in combination with the final application of the customer can make this type of evaluation insufficient. The Q.C. of colour travel pigments, for example, is extended. This is related to the natural quality fluctuation of the pigment production process. In these cases the expected final application purpose of the product also has an influence on the Q.C. method. For these pigments additional tests in powder form and / or nail lacquer are performed. 

Besides the visuals, special effect pigments also have additional properties which require a batch evaluation. For cosmetic applications the purity of the pigment is very important whilst stability properties are crucial for plastic applications and solvent based coatings. To guarantee these properties we have developed various procedures to control the quality of our pigments based on the technical requirements of our customers; eg heavy metal analysis are performed for cosmetic products.

All of the product documents, which contain detailed information about product properties, declarations and test methods, are available 24/7 in our online database."   

For more information please contact Mr. Arthur van Rooyen, Laboratory & Product Development Manager, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

March 2020
GEOTECH member of the Responsible Mica Initiative

mica square

In response to the Dutch TV program ‘Bodem in zicht’ in which GEOTECH has cooperated, broadcasted on March 19th 2020 on NPO3, we would like to provide you with additional information about the Responsible Mica Initiative.

The Responsible Mica Initiative is focused on the establishment of a responsible and sustainable mica supply chain in India that is free of child labor by 2022. GEOTECH is a member of this very important initiative that is determined to address the multiple underlying causes of child labor and create a long term solution. Now-a-days we notice that consumers and producers fear the use of natural mica in their supply chain and sometimes even ban it. GEOTECH’s opinion is that this is not a solution because banning mica doesn’t address the underlying causes of child labor causing it to appear elsewhere.

The world’s largest source of mica is India. Mica is a mineral that is being used in a wide range of industries. Mica can be found in cosmetic products, paints, car polishes, laptops, cell phones, almost every household equipment and many more applications. The east states of Bihar and Jharkhand is where mica is mined extensively and where a variety of factors contribute to poor working conditions including the use of child labor. The region is poor and families face financial pressure to bring their children with them to collect mica. The mica workforce lives in villages that are largely dependent on mica and offer little access to education, health care and government services. The region and the mica industry, in particular, lacks enforcement of laws and regulations which are needed to provide enforceable oversight of the industry. There is no mechanism to incentivize the adoption of workplace and labor standards or to prevent illegally mined mica from entering the global mica supply chain.

To address the multiple underlying causes of child labor such as poor working conditions, the Responsible Mica Initiative takes a holistic approach by implementing three program pillars simultaneously. Each program relies on close collaboration amongst partners and stakeholders.

Besides its membership in the Responsible Mica Initiative, GEOTECH aims to inform its customers about the strict no child labor policy. GEOTECH does not tolerate the use of child or forces labor in any of its facilities. GEOTECH will not tolerate the exploitation of children, their engagement in unacceptably hazardous work, and the physical punishment, abuse, or involuntary servitude of any worker. GEOTECH expects their suppliers and contractors with whom they do business with to uphold the same standards. Should a pattern of violation of these principles become known to GEOTECH and not be corrected, they will discontinue the business relationship.

August 2018
Responsible Mica Initiative

child labor 500x500

GEOTECH recently became an official member of the Responsible Mica Initiative (RMI). This initiative is a unique cross-sector association aiming towards achieving a 100% responsible mica supply chain over the next 5 years.

Mica is an umbrella term for a group of minerals rooted in the latin word ‘micare’, which means shining and sparkling. Its main characteristics are that it is able to reflect and refract light and is extremely heat-resistant. Mica can be found in a large variety of consumer goods and industrial materials. It is used for lots of different purposes including the production of pearlescent pigments. The Geopearl® and Sunrise® product lines of GEOTECH include products based on natural mica.

Natural mica is mined in several countries around the globe, but mainly in India, Madagascar and China. About 25% of the world production of mica involves illegal collection. The majority of this illegal collection origins in India, and in particular in the North-eastern districts of Bihar and Jharkhand. The local population (including children) in these districts are at the bottom of the social ladder which makes them vulnerable to exploitation. Child and human trafficking often occurs in these regions. There are also far fewer enrolled children who actually go to school compared to elsewhere in India.

The mica supply chain is very complex and globalized. It starts with the extraction of mica in the mines. This mica is than bought by several intermediaries. Because of a lack of control, transparency and traceability in this part of the supply chain, the mica from unknown origin (so potentially collected by children or in unacceptable, hazardous working conditions) can infiltrate the supply chain easily causing it to be used for the production of pearlescent pigments and sold as an additive for paint and cosmetics products.

As a supplier of special effect pigments GEOTECH finds it very important that illegal mining is addressed. That’s the reason why we decided that it was time for us to join forces by becoming a member of the Responsible Mica Initiative. Supporting this initiative means scaling-up models and solutions that have proven to be successful: Together, we do have the means and solutions to eradicate child labour and unacceptable working conditions in the Indian mica supply chain.

For more information about this topic and our no child labour policy, please contact Mr. Arthur van Rooyen, Laboratory & Product Development Manager, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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